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Al-Nafi Summer Boot Camp

This summer vacations, Al-Nafi brings highly demanding courses for students of Grade VI and above. Learn these amazing courses in just 8 Weeks at an affordable price of 8000 PKR / USD 50 and open your pathways to a promising future in emerging technologies.

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Core Python Programming

Python is one of the easiest & powerful programming languages in the globally. If you are interested in learning cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data science, robotics, machine learning or any high-paying tech field, then learning Python is mandatory.

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Linux has become a standard in every IT organization being used on most of the servers. Linux solve problems for users that other operating systems don't. Learning linux command line will help you in securing a career as a systems administrator, network engineering, software developer, linux engineer and a variety of other high paying IT roles.

Pay once & learn skills whole vacation.

A little investment of time and money will help you utilize your summer vacation to enhance your tech skills and boost your way to make a good career in the world of Emerging Technologies.

$ 50 /8 Weeks
Courses in this summer camp
  • Python Primer
  • Python Alpha
  • Python Beta
  • Python Gamma
  • Linux Primer
  • Linux Alpha
  • Linux Beta