Meet our global Ambassadors

Qaiser Ahmed Raja

Qaiser is actively engaged with the professional sector in multiple capacities.

Hafiz Ali

Hafiz Ali himself has been working in different organisation as sales representative

Sadia Qureshi

Sadia Qureshi is a renowned journalist and columnist in Urdu Print Media.

Farhan Abdul Ghafoor

ProjectManager for the last 13years with in-depth technical knowledge.


20 projects successfully completed and lead to Go-Live run Operational

Mohammad Yousuf Khan

Currently doing his own business as security systems and networking solutions provider.

Harima Mubeen

Harima Mubeen is an IT professional with 5+ years as Business Analyst in Technical domain.

Tehmina Asrar

Seeking to build the foundation of an exciting career in information security.Having a profound knowledge in installation.

Asma Hameed

A well presented and articulate professional Experienced with a successful career in Management and administration.

Asna Javed

Asna is IBM Hybrid Cloud Build Team and Developer Advocacy Leader, Pakistan. She mainly focuses on Application security and DevSecOps.

Sidra Nazir

Sidra has 8+ years of IT experience including 6 years of crucial position in testing the quality and performance

Dr. Naveed Siddiqui

Managing and ensuring professional development of a team of 15 professionals.

Rayan Ul kabir

He have massive interest in freelancing & want to promote the job of freelancer to solve unemployment issue around the world.

Sohail Shafique Ghuncha

Mr. Sohail is serving the education sector since twenty years and established more than 1500 institutions and educated 6000 female students in remote areas across Pakistan